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Creative Motion Video is a New Haven county based production company specializing is sports videos, corporate videos, promotional videos and online commercials.



Creative Motion Video can videotape sporting events for teams of all ages, ability levels and sports. We have experience videotaping youth sports (such as travel and premier soccer, AAU basketball, Little League), high school and college sports.



Often, college coaches ask high school athletes to send them recruiting videos. Creative Motion Video will put together a professional video for you to send to college coaches that highlights your skills. You can provide footage to be edited and/or Creative Motion Video can videotape the athlete in action.


Typically, the edited highlights video is can be anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes in length, but it can be shorter or longer. 2 dvd-r of the finished video are included in the cost along with an mp4 file for uploading to the internet.



Depending on your needs, we can videotape from one game to an entire season. We can videotape practices and interview players, coaches, spectators and parents. You can also provide still photos you have already taken of your team.


The cost depends upon the sport that is being videotaped, the specifics of the content you would like to include, the number of games and practices that are videotaped, the amount of still photos you provide and the length of the final edited video. The finished videos are professional in quality and exciting to watch. Call or email to discuss your project and to get a quote.



Promotional Videos and Online Commercials are videos that you put on your website or put on DVD’s. These videos can vary in length anywhere from 30-seconds up to 5 minutes. Promotional Videos and Online Commercials can show your product in action, take a tour of your facility, introduce the owner or key employees or educate the consumer as to why they need your product or service. Each video package is customized to meet your needs and your budget!



Videos for Corporate Events can cover lectures, annual events, meetings, retirement parties, etc. There are many opportunities for corporations such as yours to utilize our services.



You can provide footage to be edited and/or Creative Motion Video can videotape the actor or actress performing.




Videos are becoming increasingly popular. What better way to showcase your talents as a musician or a band through music videos. Creative Motion Video can customize different packages to meet your needs. We can video live performances and/or create music videos using professional recordings over creative video to promote your music

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